How To Trick Your Mind Into Doing Things It Doesn’t Want To Do

Do you ever feel like your brain is not really a part of you? Have you ever found you brain on the opposite team? Does your brain feel like an untamable lion to you? If yes, then you are reading the right article.

We bring to you ways in which you can trick your brain. The irony is, you are reading this through your brain and your brain has to power to manipulate it. But anyway, lets just try.  In the following ways you can get your brain to do things you really really want to but can’t because of all the resistance from it.

STEP 1: Force yourself to do stuff

No matter how lazy or not in mood you feel, get up dress up and do stuff. Many a times we are only a step away from doing things and only getting up gets us in the mood to do things. Who knows only sitting at a desk to get in the feeling makes you write a novel you’ve been waiting to write since forever?

So step one, force yourself to do things that you really want to do but can’t get your body to do it.

STEP 2: Make the hours count

How many times have you felt like you haven’t done enough in a day? When the time seems to pass by unnoticed. If you know you have done some work but feel like you have wasted the day, it is the trick of your brain. Do not fall for it and just strike it right back. Try learning new skills or visiting new places in a day. Constantly feed your   brain information to make it believe that hours have in fact lasted longer.

STEP 3: Listen to some good music

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve achieved landmarks and gotten some real stuff done just by listening to some great song. Music has a way of influencing your mind so whenever you need a kick start, just put the right song on and you’ll be good to go.

STEP4: Be your greatest supporter


Believe it or not, giving yourself positive feedbacks pushes you more than self criticising will ever do. Make sure to appreciate yourself and pat yourself on your back when you do something good. This will prove to be a great productivity booster.

STEP 5: Take breaks

Do not over-work yourself. Always remember to give yourself a break of 10-20 minutes after 60-90 minutes of serious work. This will give you sufficient time to recuperate the energy but not enough to lose momentum. For quality output, do not forget the breaks.

STEP 6: Watch or read something inspiring

Oh the push you get after watching somebody achieve extraordinary things! Your  brain gets to work once you see somebody do great things. Once you experience the power of  inspiration,  you inner-will will turn it around for you, shaking your brain out of its  monarchy and making you do all the things you want to.

- Shakshi Singh