Old School Comedy Sitcoms Still Worth Watching

The old school sitcoms were the start of satirical and sarcastic comedy. These shows are broadly from mid 70s. Some of them were a big hit and are still well celebrated as comedy TV shows. The characters were versatile and their comedy was on point. The comic elements were subtle and light. They are defiantly worth re-watching. Here are some of many such comedy sitcoms that are worth watching again.


Who’s the boss is an American sitcom in which a retired baseball league player relocates to work as a live-in house care taker for a divorced advertising executive. This show is based on how two broken families turn into one. It is a romantic comedy with upper-middle class society. It shows the hysterical side effects of loneliness and generation gaps. 


M.A.S.H is a TV show about a team of doctors and supporting staff based in South Korea during the Korean Wars. There is a comic twist on the lives of the officers at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. The show satirises the ideas of war and freedom through its characters. It’s a top rated show in America. The plot is brilliant and characters are lovable. 


Mind Your Language in a British TV show that is set in an adult education college having a charming English teacher, teaching English as a foreign language to a crew of foreigners. The languages and diversity is subtle but the comic impact is powerful. Characters from each culture is stereotypically funny.


This show is about Jerry Seinfeld’s own fictional self, living in New York with handful of his friends. Mainly his best friend- George, former girlfriend- Elaine and neighbour across the hall- Kremer.  The stories are usually referred as ‘stories about nothing’ because each episode talks about the mundane, simple, everyday life with some humour. 


The show is about a widowed father who comes to his best friend and his brother-in-law to help him take care of his three daughters. It’s an American sitcom with comedy that will leave in with tears in the corner of your eyes as you laugh. The show is about how over the time the three men and three daughters bond over the time. This gives the show some emotional and innocent point of view. 


This comedy show is a story of how two young black boys from Harlem are adopted into a rich white businessman’s house, with a widower and a daughter. The deceased mother of these two boys use to work in this house.  The show dramatically explores racial discrimination, illegal use of drugs and child abuse. It’s a satirical show that made these three child artist famous.  

- Vrishti Nadkarni