How We Relate To The TV Show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S

FRIENDS was a popular 90s American television sitcom and till date its popularity is on a constant increase. This TV serial is based on the lives of six friends in Manhattan. The theme in these ten episodes were, relationships, romance, career issues and of course, friendship and companionship. FRIENDS is a popular show because it depicts an idealistic relationships with a tinge of realism in it. It got us inspired with the strong bond of friendship followed throughout the serial, being true to their theme song ‘I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too’.

This is a relatable serial because it followed some ideologies of life that were appealing to the youth. In reality, we might hope for the best, but deep down we are expecting the worst. FRIENDS did not abide by this rule, there was a happy ending to every chaos in a natural way. There were no extravagancy in the show. It was simple, which was the best part. Because everyone, down the line thrive for some simplicity in their lives.

The show has many kinds of relationships in it. Mostly the platonic kind, whether it were love interests or friendships. Like, the friendship between Joe and Chandler. Or the love between Phoebe and Mike. But the best of all, having both friendship and love in one relationship like Monica’s and Chandler’s. These relationships is what we relate to because it’s idealistic and preferable. Especially when your ‘love life’s DOA’.

Then there are is the struggle of being successful and respected in a city like New York. Monica as a chef or Joe as a struggling actor were working hard to live their dreams. Racheal had a time when she was working in Central Perk to support herself. Chandler who quit his well payed job as a statistical analysist in a multinational company to move to Tulsa as a copywriter for an advertising company. These struggles are so true in real life as well. It’s relatable because we all go through this struggle to achieve a respectable job in our life. But mostly, being happy by the end of the day.

But what we mostly appeal to are the characters in the serial. All of them are unique but relatable in so many levels. Like Chandler, a witty and sarcastic one, whose jokes and playful condescending cracks you up all the time. Phoebe, who is quirky and street smart. Whose comments and actions in the movie add some light humour and innocence in the serial. Racheal, the pretty one who is self-centred but has her moments of melting our hearts. Monica who is controlling and a perfectionist, which, through the episodes makes you want to face-palm and chuckle at the same time. Then there is Ross who is so adorable and socially awkward. And then Joe whose dumbness and ignorance is hilarious. 

You can relate to this evergreen TV show and their characters because you start creating a parallelism with your friend circle. It’s amazing how many similarities you find. This are the simple reasons why FRIENDS has been such a big hit, and it will be in generations to come.

- Vrishti Nadkarni