Craze Of Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is a location based reality game by Niantic or iOS and Android users. Based on an animated TV serial for kids, this game lets users virtually capture, battle and train Pokémon’s. It mainly requires GPS, camera and a good data pack to play.

The players must physically travel to ‘Poke stops’ which are the blue or purple icons based on the proximity and gyms which are the tall towers in the Pokémon go map. After encountering a Pokémon, the player has to capture them in poke balls. Basically they have to swipe in their phone in order to catch the Pokémon. 

Pokémon Go has been a massive craze throughout the world. It has captured of fancy on Indian youth by a storm as well. This augmented game has compelled the youth to go out for some “fresh air”, walk and even jog for the excuse of catching Pokémon or hatch the eggs. This has also encouraged the youth to visit temple. This is solely to catch Pokémon, don’t get too excited. This has been a hot topic in twitter. 

But the ones who are vaguely effected by this are the mothers. They are not just adorably confused about them but their reaction and response is downright hilarious. Some mothers are suspicious about having their kids wandering about and some far too happy to see their kids outside the house for a change.

Pokémon has become popular overnight after the launch. It has beat the record of candy crush. The flood of the ridiculous number of users was not expected by the Pokémon Company or Niantic. Hence, they were not prepared. There were some mixed response to this game, but mostly positive. Its popularity is growing day by day.

- Vrishti Nadkarni