Renting A Flat Vs Staying In PG

When you come to a phase where you have to spread your wings of independency. When you come to a decision of living by yourself or away from your parents or guardian. This is when the question of your accommodation dawns upon you. Where you are on a cross road, leading to kinds of accommodation. Whether it is financially, economically, socially, politically and all the other possible ‘ally(s)’, acceptable and reasonable. There is always the question on staying as a paying guest or renting a flat. And this decision starts with differentiating the two, and choosing based on your needs. I repeat, YOUR NEEDS not desires. 

1. The first thing that comes to mind is the rent. Oh good lord the rent! This is important because this will decide the size of the hole you’re going to burning in your wallets. In renting a flat, based on your requirements you narrow things down. According to the BHK and location the price is developed. But whatever the price, PG is comparatively cheaper because the qualitative aspect don’t matter much and qualitative aspect resides the price. 

2. Then comes in cost of living. For a common man, no matter where and when, he/she has limited finance for their disposal. And this decides the cost of living you can afford. In flats, cost of living is high because you have to take care of every single detail that counts, for you survival. Yes, food is part of it. Duh! But things don’t end there, there are bills, basic necessities, other amenities…etc. whereas in a PG this is already taken care of by the “host” that is keeping you as guest, with rent of course. 

3. So far PG might seems dandy. But it’s at a cost. Your way of life can be a little dictated. Unless your PG host is really chilled out or far too ignorant. But if this is not the case, then you will have curfew times, norms, rules to be followed. That’s still understandable. But, one thing you will have to deal with is the atmosphere you will be in. You will have no direct power to make changes in that. Whereas in a flat, that’s not the case. You can set the kind of atmosphere you want. You have freedom and some privileges to make changes. Basically, construct your comfort zone and adapt to a zone till your comfortable.

4. With a PG comes drama and responsibilities. Soon after you start staying, the host might ask for some “favours”. Such as baby sitting, taking the dog for a walk, putting the clothes out for drying and what not. These little act of kindness can be taken for granted. Soon or later these things will become your responsibilities. Also, comes in some drama. This starts as a family drama by the hosts in which everything is connected to everything, like an internet super highway. Don’t be surprised if you get dragged in it too. But with a flat, as long as you are able to keep things low key, you have no melodrama to take care of. You have your modicum of privacy.

So besides seeing the numbers, theories, sociologies of living in a flat or PG, these are main things that will practically effect. So whatever you choose make sure you are financially, physically, emotionally and most importantly psychologically ready for it. 

- Vrishti Nadkarni