Popular Culture!

The western countries witnessed great social and cultural changes. This cumulative change came to be known as ‘Popular Culture’ or in abbreviation ‘Pop Culture’. Critically, popular culture is viewed as a mass produced culture being fed to and consumed by the audience.  To find a wide acceptance by the masses and to fit in the mainstream, a great variety of of pop culture is often trivialised. Why else do you think we have shows like ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ and ‘Nagin’?  As  entertaining as it is, popular culture comes with its own negative outcomes.

Due to the high advertisement and popular demand of pop culture specially music, the folk and regional art is gradually diluting. We rarely see any folk performers on television. In fact, children today know all about Yo Yo Honey Singh and the kind of music he makes but zilch about ‘Dhrupad’ which is the oldest style of classical singing in our country. To a lot many of us Punjabi music is defined by singers like Navv Inder and not Pammi Bai. It’s actually sad that for us punjabi music is all about Gucci, Prada, Jaguar, patolas and peg ; even sadder is the fact that they are so freaking catchy! I mean haven’t you heard Brown Rang by Yo Yo? I hate myself for singing along whenever it catches my ears! Like seriously hate myself for it.

The other downside is the declining capacity to choose. We are bombarded with so much of stuff that we can’t help ignoring it. So many serials which are laughably senseless but people still watch it. So much offensively written music around and people still devour it. After a long hard day at work, you don’t want to watch something that makes you think really hard and deep. What I mean is, you don’t want to watch ‘Ship of Theseus’ after coming back from entering millions of numbers into a computer screen. What you would want to watch is ‘Dilwaale’ and just unwind with a drink in hand. And it’s only understandable but at the same time we need to think about the culture we are accepting and the culture we are turning a blind eye to.

What I am trying to say is we need to be consicous of what we are consuming and what we are giving a push to!

- Shakshi Singh