Causes Of Alcohol Abuse In Teenagers

Alcoholism and teenagers are the major growing problems which we are not aware of.  Underage drinking is a major issue, with roots somewhere down in our way of life. In any case what would we be able to effectively do about alcohol abuse and adolescents and would we be able to do anything to keep our youngsters swinging to alcohol?

Teenage is the most difficult stage for a person because they are stuck in between “childhood and adulthood.” Teens in this period generally take a wrong direction and negative choices due to lack of experience. For example drinking for the first time and getting high. They don’t know it’s wrong for them but they will still do it.

For the most part, it's acknowledged that dependence on alcohol is not the consequence of a solitary component; rather it is an unpredictable exchange of heredity, ecological, and physical risk factors cooperating to make habit. The most regularly acknowledged theories about dependence include:

1. Heredity:  Addiction is known not a familial part. Teens who are naturally introduced to families in which habit influences a nearby relative are four times more prone to build up an addiction themselves than companions without a comparative history. Be that as it may, dependence develops in numerous without a family history.

2. Ecological: Teens who are under extreme measures of individual anxiety are at more serious dangers for utilizing liquor as a way to adapt to the weights of day by day life. Moreover, being brought up in a family in which fixation or liquor abuse was available can improve the probability a teenager will go ahead to create issue drinking.

3. Physical: Repeated use of alcohol can really change the structure and capacity of the as yet creating brains of youngsters. Without treatment, these progressions may bring about dependence on alcohol.

- Dimple Wadhwa