Social Networking Ki Kahaani

What is the first thing you do in the morning when you get up? Look at the beautiful weather and appreciate the shining sun? Nah. I don’t think so. I’m sure most of you check WhatsApp or browse through Instagram or upload a ‘this is how I woke up’ snap on snapchat. We all use varied applications for various purposes but half of us don’t even know the story behind the apps we use. Here is tiny trailer of their stories.


Instagram’s story is something every entrepreneur looks up to. Within two months after its launch, Instagram had 2 million users. They started from $0 and made $1 million in just two years. In 2010 the founders of Burbn, (a multi-featured HTML5 check-in app) Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger realized that the application was too similar to Foursquare. Hence they started Instagram in San Francisco which focused on mobile photography. Instagram is a blend of the two words, ‘instant camera’ and ‘telegram’. I think they surely know how to keep their users delighted by adding new features and updates one after another, don't they? For instance, recently they made major changes to the icon from brown and peach to colorful like a rainbow.


In early months of 2011 one of Evan Spiegel’s friends complained to him saying how he wished that a picture he sent of him smoking pot could just disappear into thin air. In April 2011, in Stanford University Evan put forth the idea of a mobile application where friends could share photos that would disappear forever in a matter of seconds. Everyone criticized him and said that it was a terrible idea. A venture capitalist who was present there said it would do well if he made the photos permanently present. Evan went forward with his idea ignoring the criticisms. Today Evan Spiegel’s terrible idea has 30 million users and that idea is called Snapchat. Snapchat has not only given us the ‘disappearing photos’ feature but also other features like filters, uploading videos and also video chatting. So next time a friend approaches you with a problem, note it down, it might get you quite some cash!


The idea of YouTube occurred to the founders, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim when Hurley and Chen had difficulty sharing videos from Chen’s dinner party to prove Jawed that the party actually took place and he was the one who didn’t make it in time. HOLD ON! Before you start believing this story let me tell you that this is just the censored version. The actual eureka moment happened when Karim couldn’t find Janet Jackson’s accidental breast exposing event online in 2005. This gave them an idea of developing an application which could make it easier for people to share videos with the rest. Sometimes curiosity kills the cat, sometimes it gives the world a fabulous application. The YouTube headquarters were initially above a pizzeria in California. The first video uploaded on YouTube was Karim’s ‘me at the zoo’ video recorded at the San Diego Zoo.

So those were the stories behind the three most popular and amazing applications that have made are lives fun and easier handle.

- Nrupali Nadkarni