Delhi's Top 5 Haunted Places

“I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life.” -Mirza Ghalib

These 5 haunted places in Delhi will send a shiver down your spine and are just the places to encounter spirits in the dark. Below are Delhi’s top 5 haunted places
CAUTION: These places are not to be visited for people below the age of 18 or with weak heart. BHHOOOTTTT!

Delhi Cantonment Area

Delhi Cant is said to be a popular haunted place of New Delhi, India. It is said that Delhi Cant is haunted by the spirit of a women with grey hair and a white sarees. Rumours suggest that the lady was killed while asking for a lift. It is said that anyone who sees a woman asking for lift in that area should never stop their vehicle or else only God knows what would fate have in store for you in that spooky and isolated place.

Sanjay Van

Popularly known as the lungs of the Delhi City in terms of it’s greenery. Sanjay Van holds dark secrets of paranormal manifestations hidden deep within the heart of the forest. People visiting the Sanjay Van often complain of the spooky no

ises disturbing them making their heart skip a beat. Even though the there are people who visited Sanjay Van and stated that these are only rumours the truth can be unfolded only once you visit these Vans. Woops, Good Luck on that one!

Khooni Nadi

When we talk about this place we will notice some similarities between the Khooni Nadi and the Bermuda Triangle. Just like the stories surrounding the Bermuda triangle, the stories about this place say that once somebody goes into the river they never are to be seen or found again, they seem to vanish in the thin air. Located in Rohini’s Sector 85 the stretch of water is said to suck you inside. Well, you can try taking a dip inside the river to know the weight of truth in the statement and try risking your life. My personal experience is that the place is quite spooky at night and there’s terror strike atmosphere surrounding the quiteness of the river.

House no. W-3

The story surrounding the House No W-3 located at Greater Kailash is like that of a Hindi Horror Movie. Said to be a true incident, an old couple were murdered at this house and ever since then the house has been abandoned and there have been various kind of noises heard by the residents coming from the house. Rumours suggest that people have seen the spirits of the two couples haunting the house, one of my own friends told me that the couple were murdered by their own Yoga Guru whom they trusted blindly and had full faith on. It is said that the Yoga Guru had eyes on their property and thus murdered them though no one knows where the Yoga Guru vanished after murdering them or why he never inherited the property. Having their trust broken they still haunt the house scaring away the passerby, plotting their revenge against every person passing their property. Talk to the residents and you will get to know that the house has a reputation for being called as the “Haunted House”.

The house is also said to be visited by the “young couples” since it is said to give them privacy like no other place.

The Ridge

The Ridge is the tail end of the Aravalli Hills - one of the oldest mountain system in the world. There have been said to be several eyes witnesses stating to see the ghost a British Man haunting the areas. With the reputation of a no network area The Ridge is said to be one of the most horrifying places of Delhi. The spookiness and the isolation of the place also only contribute to the disturbing atmosphere of the place and are add ons to the stories of  the place being haunted.

Even though there might be strong chances that these are only rumours or make believe stories by some mischievous people created for some thrill or fun. The Spirits at these places are specially said to be active at night so BEAWARE! You might go on the daring adventure but be cautious since you can feel strange shadows on your back *SHIVERS*

Author’s ViewsI personally believe that there is no such thing called as “Ghosts” or the “Dark/Evil Forces”. Haunted places and the Evil Spirits are a self created phobia.

PS:This article has been compiled by studying various sources available online and offline. The author is not trying to create rumours or defame any place by writing about it.

- Vani Matta