To Ban Or Not To Ban

A PIL filed by lawyer Harvinder Chowdhury on 30th October 2015 seeking a ban on popular jokes on the sikh community was supported by the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee recently. The Supreme Court initially refused to take action but has now asked  the Sikh community to put in suggestions about whether to ban the jokes or not. Bench lead by Chief Justice TS Thakur told senior lawyer RS Suri who represents the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee that “We may say do not crack such jokes. But then how do we enforce the order? Of course we do not want you to be ridiculed but please tell us in what way we can do something. You come out with suggestions within six weeks.” (source - India Today)

Lawyer Harvinder Chowdhury argued that the jokes are humiliating and also subject them to racial abuse. Which seems partly true! I can sit here and recall myriad times when I’ve heard that “12 baj gaye” joke in day to day life. It was all fun in the starting but it got a little too much I guess. Mistaking insults as jokes is becoming a trend these days and it is catching up fast too. Comedy shows have started springing up on television based on the same idea. But is it really that funny to generalise a notion or trivialise a section of the society to the point of humiliation? Of course we all enjoyed the jokes but as rightly said, too much of anything is harmful.