Pros And Cons Of Being Single

Cons : Mixed Emotions like “being single is the worst feeling ever” or “being single is the best feeling ever”

Whereas in actual it is the time to explore and discover yourself. Stop looking out for love, it will come to you itself when the time is right, you will meet your Mr. Right soon.

Pros : You will learn to love yourself a lot more and learn to deal with yourself and start being independent. You will grow and nurture in the process of learning to deal with a break up like a grown up.

Cons : You will not have a partner in crime anymore, no 3am looking at the stars sitting on the terrace talking. Nights might be haunting at times.

Pros : You can do whatever pleases you, go wherever you want. There would be no restrictions. You don’t need to live upto anybody’s expectations. You can flirt as much as you want.

Cons : There is nobody who would pamper you or spoil you with the excessive time they give you. Nobody to handle the excessive and unnecessary dramas you do to get pampered.

Pros : You get to go on unlimited dinner dates and lunch dates with who ever you please.

Cons : Seeing your friends in long term serious relationship might make you you feel lonely or depressed at times, you might miss the feeling of being in a relationships, the fights, the sorries after the fights, making up for mistakes and all the cute little things.

Pros : You can date different guys, go on blind dates and figure out what is it that you actually want and figure out things. There is no one to whom you owe an explanation to for things you do. Total freedom

Cons : There would be times when you would have no company, there would be times when you will feel you are good for nothing. There might be more stress.

Pros : There would be adventure and a thrill of chasing someone. You would be having more times for things you always wanted to do. You would be having more time to give to your friends and other social relationships.

-Vani Matta