Food Joints For College Students With Low Budget

You will find every type of person in India’s capital Delhi. Delhi has foodies like no other town. It celebrates it’s food, it is house to some of the cheapest and the costliest and most luxurious fast food joints. Here are some of the cheapest, in budget fast food joints for college students to celebrate their love for food.

1. Superhero Café at Hudson Lane @INR 350 per head

For a person who is a fan of comic characters, cartoons specially DC and Marvel comics would fall in love with the ambience of the place. The feel and the great budget food make it just the place to fall in love with.

Must Try : Caramel Cookie Super-shake


2. Ricos at Hudson Lane @INR 350 per head

This cafe is often over-crowded so you know the food is got to be tasty, with it’s friendly environment and the little post it notes that student leave on the walls of the cafe give it the feel of a perfect college hangout joint.

Must Try : Country Feast Pizza

3. Bille di Hatti, Kamla Nagar @ INR 100 per head

For the spicy food lovers and people low on cash, this is just the place for you specially the Punjabi’s.

Must Try : Chole-Bhatture with the fluffy Bhatturas and the spicy whole your mouth is sure to water.

4. Andhra Bhawan, Connaught Place @ INR 150 per head for breakfast menu

The cleanliness and the deliciousness of the place is sure to attract you. For a mouth watering breakfast menu this is just the place for you.

Must Try : Breakfast Thali with Andhra Tea

5. Café Qahwa, SDA Market @ INR 300 per head for breakfast menu

Not a morning person but still have to wake up everyday early morning? Coffee is the only fix for you to start working? Then believe me this is just the place for you, for Cafe Pahwa’s menu is full of coffee. A  place not to be missed for coffee lovers.

Must Try: French Toast Double Decker, Burrito, Crepe, and 3 Idiots Specialty.

- Vani Matta