Mind Over Matter

Remember Matilda? Yes, the one who blew up the television set only with the power of her mind. If not, you must remember Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the scene where she picks up the lightsaber for the first time by the sheer power of her mind. These scenes bring up the very interesting concept of Telekinesis.

Telekinesis is defined as the power to manipulate, move or control matter through only the power of  your brain and without any physical interaction.

The possibility of Telekinesis being scientifically proven came into view in the late 1800s. In earlier religious beliefs the dead could be contacted through a process called seance. Objects would suddenly levitate across the room or arcanely float without the interference of any human manoeuvre. Many people, however, believed these claims to be false. Gradually this idea of moving objects with the mind disappeared only to be revived again during the 1940s. A major landmark was reached in the study of Telekinesis when a well known psychic named Uri Geller claimed to bend spoons without using his hands. Several children also claimed that they could bend spoons using Telekinesis but their claims where nullified when they were found cheating during an experiment. Fascinatingly, you can manipulative energy, lift or throw objects, alter the fundamental forces of the universe, distort space-time continuum and even control other humans via telekinesis.

Telekinesis might seem like the only chance for a lot many of us to come closest to realising our dream of become a superhero. But sorry to break it even before you could mini-celebrate. Studies suggest that no matter how strong they may be, the waves from the brain can only go upto a few millimetres from our skull.

And even if people did possess this superhumanly power, should we really believe that they’ll go on announcing it and not use it for their own or maybe a greater good? Won’t they be moving the clock a little backwards if they get late for a meeting? Or control their arrows to make it hit the bull’s eye? Or maybe prevent car or plane crashes from happening? Now thats something to think about, isn't it?

- Shakshi Singh