Through A Cat Eye

My name is grumpy. You know like that internet sensation cat? Yeah my human thought it was clever. I don’t think so.

It is morning. Human is lying on his bed with this eyes closed. That’s what I do. I think he thinks he is a cat. But he is not smart enough to be a cat. I go up to him, scratch his face and say “lol is you dead!?”. But he doesn’t seem to understand my language. That dumbass!

He is up. He is walking up to my bowl. Human is nice though. He feeds me on time.Wait wait, hey pour in some more you giant thing! *screeches*

Human is getting dressed. He is saying something to me in a weird tone, the one he uses to talk to those little humans. Stop it already human! He is leaving. I growl. He comes back and rubs my belly *purrs*. Now that is has my permission,he can leave.

He is out, time to sleep. I need to find a box. Humans, I tell you, can’t even recognise a god box. I can when I see one. That I think is the reason humans are our slaves.

~hours later~

I think I hear something! My human is back. He looks exhausted, time to show him some cat love. Here take the cat bunting. Here take the extra cuddles. Here here I’ll roll for you my human. Wait Wait I’ll be right back. *runs and comes back in a minute* Here take my ball of wool. I think he feels better. He is getting up. Where are you going human! Hold on I am coming too. I’ll follow you everywhere. Everywhere.

- Shakshi Singh