It All Depends On How You Take It

Every relationship has make or break moments. Now when I say this I talk of only one kind of relationship- the romantic one. Because lets face it, family will always stay by your side no matter how weird or unbearable you are. It is pretty difficult to form a family-like bond with people who aren’t blood related to you. But the closest we get to that is through friendship. You meet people who become your tribe. You laugh at each other, you insult each other and you also know that when the time comes and its you against the world they will become shields and swords for you. The reason we specifically will talk about the romantic relationship is because its special and different. You share your most intimate moments with that person.

On this note, let us look at 7 ‘make or break’ moments in a relationship.

1. The First Occurrence of The Three Magical Words: Remember the time when in How I Met Your Mother, Ted meets Robin for the first time and says he is in love with her? Yeah, she freaks out and ends it there and then. Saying “I love you” for the first time establishes a landmark. A commitment phobic person would run away which makes him or her not the one you are supposed to spend your life with. However, if  you are one the same page, you have the first ingredient of a happily ever after.

2. The First Real Fight: Or so to say the first fight. A heated argument brings the ugly side of a person. Imagine a shouting match between you both, you say some things your partner says some things and it gets ugly. Now suddenly he or she freaks out, declares that you are not the same person as you were when you met and storms out. Bam, you're single! The right one, however, would know that it’s just a fight and you can talk it out. Second ingredient!

3. The Emergence of Diļ¬€erences: As we grow older we realise how difficult it actually is to accept people with different views than ours. In a relationship you’ll realise how differently the other reacts compared to you. While some can’t take it, others realise that it is okay to be yourself and accept you for who you are.

4. A Trip Away Together: As the saying goes- you don’t really know a person till you’ve taken a trip with them. Try it for yourself ! If you return still in love with each other, there you have it - the fourth ingredient.

5. Meeting The Family: You must remember Monica’s disgust for Chandler’s behaviour at work, right? (If not,watch FRIENDS) You behave a little differently when you’re with your family and you can’t escape that. A relationship will work if your partner realises that ‘you with family’ is not a different ‘you’ but just a part of it.

6. End of the Honeymoon Period: Gone are the days of all sweet talk, flower surprises, whole night conversations, specially dressing up for dates days. You have reached the sweatpants, no showers, couch potato, straight to the face responses or as I call it the ‘Deadpool’ phase. This is the version of your better half you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life and if you can accept it, congratulations you have yourself the sixth ingredient.

7. Finally, The Tie The Knot Talk: You will reach a point when you want to settle down. And this people, is the ultimate make or break it!

      Hope it helps. Until later, ciao!

- Shakshi Singh