The Misfortune Of Having A Travelling Companion

For many travel writers, memoirs of a travel experience are dominated by the heavenly experience of travelling alone. By far the worst travelling experience would be having an undesirable travel companion. Whether you like it or not there will be times when you have to stick around with your travel mate and you will not be able to have deep conversations with new people you encounter on your way that you usually have while travelling alone. Same thing happened with me, when I went to travel with my friend. She’s an enthusiastic person who’s both smart and attractive. I was travelling with my friend and I could not wait to have the best experience of my life but no matter how much fun it seemed initially sooner or later it was bound to get irritating since I had to live up to the expectations of my friend and keep a check on my code of conduct. My travel partner kept on commenting about individuals while walking. There is no harm in such things but this wasn’t something of my interest, I did not get the concept of talking while observing nature. When I was travel alone I love encountering new groups or initiating a chat with a stranger do wild activities and crazy adventures together but because of the company of my friend I had to keep a check on my behaviour, I could not hang out with strangers which I would usually do when I would be alone. My friend was more interested in taking selfies rather than observing the nature and the diverse culture of the people of that place. Seemed like my friend was only doing tourism instead of travelling.

One question that I kept asking myself was,”Why was my fellow mate least interested in knowing the culture and people of that place and more interested in taking selfies? Why travel then? Only to update Facebook check in and update our profile pictures?
I’ve been on trips with friends where things didn’t go as smoothly and I have learned overtime that travelling solo strums my cord better than travelling with someone else. But it truly is nothing more than a personal preference. You will probably figure out which works best for you after you have tried them both.

- Vani Matta