How To “Ladder” Jeans

"Laddering" of jeans refers to the pulling of threads in a chosen part of the jeans so that they appear like a small ladder embedded in the jeans. This method is a form of "distressing" clothing or comes under ripped jeans. It's really easy to ladder the jeans yourself. Ripped jeans have been seen on everyone this summer but you can work this trend WITHOUT spending much money.

Create your own ripped ladder jeans look at home with our simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Pick out your jeans

First of all, you need to figure out what jeans you want to customise. If you want to go for a baggy ripped jean look go for a boyfriend style, otherwise find a pair of dark skinnies for you to unleash your talent on.

Both of them looks nice. Also the ripping depends on the the kind of jeans you use.

 If you want to rip leaving the white thread and create a ladder , the jeans you use should be a stretchable one.

Step 2: Pick out your supplies

Before you get started, you’ll need to gather everything you need .

You will need:

-  Pumice stone

- Sharp scissors

-  plucker

Step 3: Mark where you want to rip

Now you need to decide where you want your edgy rips to occur. To do this you’ll need to wear your jeans so you know exactly the best place to rip. Mark just above your knee caps and a couple of inches both above and below your knees if you’re going for several rips.

Use a pumice stone or sand paper to rub on the jeans to give them a ‘distressed’ feel.

Step 4: Cut a strip where you want to rip the jeans.

When you pull out thread, it pulls out a whole strip of blue thread. Cutting a strip prevents the jeans from falling apart with nothing to hold the fabric together.

Step 5: Look closely at the jeans.

You will see blue thread and white thread. This is what the jeans are made of. If you turn the jeans inside out, most of the fabric will be white with blue specks. The "ladder" part is basically just white thread with no blue thread going vertically across it. This is what you're aiming for.

Step 6: Use the plucker to pull out one of the blue threads.

Grab it (blue thread) with the tweezers. As you remove the blue thread, only white thread remains, creating the "ladder".

Continue to pull the blue thread until you see the laddering

Be patient, this takes time.

Step 7: Give the jeans a grungy finish

To finish off the look, start tearing off some strands around the fabric. Use a bit of sand paper or a pumice stone for a few seconds to make those all-important finishing touches.

Now you’re ready to show off your new, uber-trendy laddered jeans!

- Mitali Chhabra