“Leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

Leadership is as a general rule about "delicate aptitudes" instead of hard abilities. Yes, a pioneer who comprehends what drives all that really matters is significant. However the pioneer can motivate others to perform getting it done who eventually makes winning associations.

A compelling leader is a man who does the accompanying:

- Makes a motivating vision without bounds.

Persuades and rouses individuals to draw in with that vision.

Oversees conveyance of the vision.

Mentors and constructs a group, with the goal that it is more powerful at accomplishing the vision. 

The Characteristics of a Good Leader:

  1. Self-Awareness: You have a private information of your inward passionate state. You know your qualities and your shortcomings. You know when you're working in stream and you know when you're over worked. You know yourself, including your abilities and your constraints, which permits you to drive yourself to your greatest potential.
  2. Self-Direction: You're ready to direct yourself adequately and intensely. You know how to complete things, how to arrange errands and how to evade dawdling. You know how to produce vitality for tasks, to quiet yourself when incensed. You can settle on choices immediately when essential, yet can likewise ease back to consider every one of the alternatives on the table.
  3. Social Awareness: Understanding interpersonal organizations and key influencers in that informal organization is another key a portion of administration. Who in the association has the most clout, both formally and informally? Who moves the hearts of the gathering?
  4. Vision: You're working towards an objective that is more noteworthy than yourself. It could be something little, similar to the achievement of the group, or a bigger vision like world peace. Working towards a dream is much more moving than working towards individual addition.
  5. Ability to Motivate: Leaders don't lead by advising individuals what they need to do. Rather, pioneers cause individuals to need to help them. A key a portion of this is developing your own particular yearning to help other people. When others sense that you need to help them, they thusly need to help you.

- Dimple Wadhwa