8 Must-Do Activities On Every Traveller’s Bucket List

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

1. Learn a new language

Every traveller wishes to learn atleast one new language so that they can converse in a foreign language with the native people and understand the place a little better. Learning a new language is never easy be it for a child or an adult but it’s so satisfying for a traveller specially the one’s who travel solo to learn a new language. Travellers admire people with multi-lingual skills.

2.  Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience marine life up close

Adventure sports or water sports, it’s always a big “YES” for a traveller. As humans we live most of out lives on the land, it’s always good and amazing to observe the nature at the closest possible distance. Specially starting with marine life on the list. Snorkeling is always there on a traveller’s check list.

3. Trekking

A combination of hiking and walking. A true traveller would always love going on trekking trips, putting your own camps, walking up the steep slopes of mountains with unknown people. Could it get anymore challenging?

4. Paragliding

The experience is immense and something one would never forget. Everyone should try doing this atlas once in their lifetime. Even though the experience of Paragliding might stay with you for a few minutes but it would be one of the most memorable activities that you would ever encounter in your whole lifetime.

5. Jump off a Waterfall

Sounds crazy? Well once you try waterfall jumping you will realise that as crazy as it sounds it is all the more fun, even though your first jump might scare the hell out of you but once you are done with it you will realise there’s nothing more fun than this and would want to do this again and again.

6. Bungee jumping, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand is one of the world's epicentres of extreme sporting activities. It is said to be one of the craziest, scariest and the best Bungee jumping you would ever encounter in your life. Every adventure sport lover and a traveller have said to try this. Once you jump off the bridge there is just no turning back for you.

7. Niagara Falls

Seeing Ontario’s natural attraction is a “must-see” on every traveller’s bucket list. The best way to observe and see them is taking a trip on the boat, even though you will get wet it would be amazing to see nature at it’s best from the closest view.

8. Going for a Safari
Experience breathtaking landscapes on a wildlife safari. You get to see wildlife from a close point. Travel around in a jeep, see the jungle’s king, lion coming your way the feed the deers and giraffe. In a Safari you get to pick on your own what wildlife do you want to see.

- Vani Matta