16 Main Reasons Why People Procrastinate

People who procrastinate think they have all the time in the World with them, people often tend  to delay their work and here are a few reasons why they procrastinate.

1.People love being in their comfort zone. They do not like things that might be out of their comfort zone for them

2.People love doing things that are easy and tend to run away from the difficult tasks life has thrown towards them.

3.There are some people who cannot leave a task incomplete thus resulting in delaying of things since they feel that doing that task might take a lot of their time so it is not the “right time to do it” and thus keep waiting for the “right time.”

4.People love being the incharge of everything and getting things done their way.

5.People get scared of failure and thus resulting in avoiding the task at hand.

6.Sometimes you don’t know how to start the task what to do and what not to do, or what to do first and what to later.

7.There are times when people are simply lazy and they see doing things as one big project. In such a case you can break your task into parts and do it bit by bit.

8.Sometimes people tend to put off things and then they forget to do it later on. In such a case you can make a “to do list” so that you don’t forget.

9.It might be discouraging if you take longer time to complete the task than required thus resulting in procrastinating of an individual

10.You find playing games like Xbox or Play Station more fun than doing your work.

11.Sometimes people are overconfident about their deadlines and think they can do that particular work in a day or two for which other people might be taking three to four days.

12.Sometimes people feel that the task isn’t too important and think go doing it later.

13.You underestimate the power of doing things in the present over doing things in the future.

14.People sometimes are lacking the right amount of motivation to do the task.

15.Sometimes procrastination is seen as a form of rebel against something

16.Sometimes having too harsh parents results in children having a fear of their parents or someone thus not being able to make a decision on their own.

- Vani Matta