Ways To Recharge Your Monotonous Life

Go Travel: Go pack your bags and travel. Make an unplanned trip to someplace and do things you have never done before or things you have always wanted to do but could not do for some reason or the other, be it work related or study related.

Fullfil atleast one of your passions: Don’t follow the crowd. Chase your dreams, if you don’t try you will always regret.

Have a journal: Write your greatest passions, your biggest fears in it.

Make new friends: Talk to strangers, make new friends, share your things with them, go on coffee dates, go on blind dates. There’s only one life, live it to the fullest. Have the best of everything in this lifetime. You never know what’s tomorrow got in store for you.

Do something that scares you: Visiting a haunted place, watching horror or the fear of cockroaches, lizards or some animal or any kind of phobia, try to overcome what you fear. Face it all with a brave heart.

Sing: Be a bathroom singer, sing in the shower or the rain or the trains or the streets. Do what you love without the fear of being judged by people.

Dance: Dance on the streets, music or no music, dance if you feel like dancing. Music is inside your heart and your mind.
Dance with a stranger.

Learn a new form of dance.

Stand up for what you believe in: Have problems with a nosy boss always troubling you or have problems with some other person, being bullied by someone? Stand for yourself, stand up for what you believe in for what you love doing. Positive changes would start coming into life.

Go for a walk in the woods: As Steve Jobs said be one of the crazy ones, don’t follow the crowd. Do something crazy everyday.

Take an off from work: Everyday boring 9-5 job? Take an off from the work, explore new things, try new restaurants, go to clubs, dance like crazy, go for a night out. Live the life you have got.

- Vani Matta