Take A Break From Tv!

After reading the title you must be thinking that this article will talk about how you should quit watching TV and head out to play some outdoor sports and stuff like that. You are wrong. For all of you who assumed that and thought of not reading this article, I am just like you! My life revolves around television, laptop and mobile phone. For those of you who are judging me already, don’t worry so much I do have a life. I just am a compulsive mass consumer of popular culture.

Without further ado, I will tell you what this article is really about- Web Series. If you are bored from television shows and want something new, read on to find web series that are entertaining to watch.

1. Permanent Roommates - The story revolves around Mikesh and Tanya who are involved in a long distance relationship with each other. Things take a wild turn when Mikesh decided to surprise propose Tanya. This one is hilarious! You will enjoy watching it so much. And a lot many of times, this show will make perfect sense to you.

2. Baked - Revolving around the lives of three flatmates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service, Baked has been one of the most talked about web series in the internet space. One can only expect unlimited confusion and humour from a series that speaks of the escapades these college kids take to make their business a hit.

3. Video Games High School - This show brings to you the feast of  every game enthusiast’s dream coming true. Its a school where they teach you how to ace video games. Excited already?

4. S.O.S Save our Skins - Winner of the Best British Series at Raindance Web Fest, this show gives you a taste of your living nightmare/fantasy (depending on the kind of person you are). Two friends, Chris and Ben, wake up one day to find that they are the only humans left on the entire planet. This show combines sci-fi and comedy beautifully.

5. H+ The Digital Series - If you often find yourself thinking about the consequences of the rapid technological advancement and fear if humanity can control it, you have got company! Produced by the ever famous Bryan Singer, H+ has stellar special effects. You will find yourself thinking that why it isn’t aired on television yet!

6. Writer’s Block - This show has a very interesting idea behind it. It follows the life of a couple of Indians in America who primarily brainstorm throughout. They keep discussing ideas for a tv show and make for a very engaging watch.

7. Pitchers - One of the most popular and the most brilliantly written, this web series is a story of four friends who are in the middle of creating and establishing a startup of their own. This show is an epitome of how to present a mainstream idea in a totally attention grabbing format.

Get on watching already!

- Shakshi Singh