In a world of lies,

I wouldn't mind another,

Tell me you love me,

and I'll believe your lies further. 


Hold me close, when I break apart

have your selfish motives,

But just make me feel cherished,

loved in every part.


Write me notes,

Sing me lullabies,

Fake a little sadness,

at the times of goodbyes.


Whisper 'I love you'

Lie me in the eye,

Trace the lines of my hand,

show me how you ain't shy.


Fill me when I'm empty,

dive in the depths of my sorrow,

Give me what I need,

Oh, give me love and I'll borrow.


Even in the end,

keep the truth a 'shhh'.

watch me as I believe,

the lies to me from you.


- Shikhaa Shristi.