Places To Visit In India During The Monsoon Season

As beautiful as a weather monsoon is, it can be a real inconvenience for travellers and tourists. Rain might add to your mood of romance and reflection, but your mood for exploring can be affected negatively. It restricts from wandering about with all the feeling of wetness and stickiness (giggling? You pervert, you). Because of the rain many things on your itinerary have to be compromised. And that is just devastating. But some places are best during monsoon. The lethal beauty combination of these destination and rain is mesmerising. If you don’t want to be stuck under the same roof every monsoon, here are some suggestions for you…

1. COORG-KARNATAK: Coorg is situated amongst the beautiful hills of the World Heritage Western Ghats range, the charming Kodagu also gives you a fresh and enthralling monsoon experience with it’s lush green cloud clinging mountains, coffee plantations and fresh weather. Wetlands, large green landscapes, cool breezes and cool climate are some of the effects of monsoon in Coorg. The beauty of these monsoon is the effect they have on us. Watching these heavy rains showers and enjoying the alluring beauty which this place has to offer brings about a feeling of inner peace. The aroma of the coffee and plantation has hypnotising effect, making you fall in love with this place even more.

2. MUNNAR-KERELA: During the colonial times, hill stations pleased the British, and they flocked to all the hill stations in India to set up base during hot summers. In Munnar, they converted the forests in the Western Ghats into tea plantations, build huge resorts and literally converted the hill station into a tourist destination. Having people coming here from all over the world, the best time to visit Munnar is during the monsoon. The monsoon cast their spell making the hill station look completely extravagant. If you are a rain lover than make a short trip to Munnar where it shimmers and glimmers during the rains.

3. RANIKHET- UTTARAKHAND: The monsoon season in this place comes in the month of June and till the month of August. The aura of the season remains as it is. The heavy rains in this area can be seen easily. The beauty of this place during the monsoon is spellbound. The surrounding valley is lush with greenery, with nature’s bounty at it’s best.

4. KOIDAIKANAL-TAMIL NADU: It is located in the hills of the Dindigul district. The scenic beauty of Kodaikanal further magnifies during monsoon.  Kodaikanal receives moderate rainfall. Often, you’ll find the clouds and sun playing hide and seek with the mountains during your stay in Kodaikanal in August during monsoons. The otherwise hot climate is quite pleasant during the monsoons with the rain swept valleys and misty mountains. This is the only time when the region is sploshed with waterfalls.

 5. GOA: The season in Goa is simply a magical experience. The Goan landscapes undergoes a complete transformation as if being painted in various shades of green. Hils become coy and cover themselves with misty veils. Swimming in the sea this time of the year is out of question as the sea is very turbulent. But try walking along the beach barefoot, listening to the roar of the ocean and feel the rain on your face. It’s pure bliss. Goa in the rains is a serene and peaceful refuge for people seeking a change from the concrete jungle of a city.

6. LONAVALA-MAHARASHTRA: This place is the best for long romantic walks in the rain between lush green mountains and the lakes that are filled up to it’s brim. The monsoon turns this hill station into a paradise. The monsoon here has it’s own personal charm. It is the perfect place to enjoy the rains. It offers breathtaking views of the valley that are full of evergreen forests and flowing springs and waterfalls.


- Vrishti Nadkarni