The Weird Makeup Layers Craze

On the Internet there is a new buzz of people doing multiple coats of make up just to see what the outcome will be (besides conspicuous and unnecessary  amount of money and makeup disposal). But these videos posted on youtube are quite gripping. The end result to this completely futile experiment is indeed fascinating. Here is the list of what makeup and solid boredom combination looks like.

1. The 100 layers of foundation​: This girl here had caked herself with a 100 layers of foundation! Yes, she does have a lot of free time. This youtuber takes along to her whole journey of application of basic foundation. The result of which was just discomfort for both the volunteered victim and witnesses. 

 2. The one with 100 layers of lipstick: This one here used the 100 layer “challenge” for liquid lipstick. Now imagine the amount of lipstick she owns. And now imagine how much she wasted. (slow claps). This video resulted in a drying her lips. It can be a little painful to watch.

3. 500/ 200/ 250/ 300 layers of nail polish: This one is common. People on the Internet have tried this activity in varied amount of layers. (Still judging them). The idea was to make a pile of the strongest part of your body, the nail. Here various amount of nail polish is applied in various colours. In the end this just look very unattractive, which probably is a winning situation. 

4. 100 Layers of bindi: Why should the Indians fall behind. As we always get “inspired” by the western trend. This Indian tried a 100 layers of bindi on. Well, that's one way to be a fancy unicorn. And that too with cheap bindis. This is so Indian. You know because we ‘love cheap thrills’. Anyway, this little activity was just, as relevant as the others.

- Vrishti Nadkarni