Importance Of Being Independent

The will to be free and not being dependent on someone is something that not everybody has. You need to be self-sufficient in life so that nobody in the world can crush you down. Figuring out how to be emotionally independent and giving yourself the top most priority is the first step towards achieving success in life.

Toward the day's end, you just have yourself to fall back on, so it is of great importance that you have the capacity to handle things all alone. It is about being secure with who you are and how you take stand for things you believe in. It is the happiest feeling when you realise that you are in control of your own life and your own particular decisions. It is significantly more useful to listen to the voice inside yourself as opposed to giving up to the peer pressure or being an emotional fool.

We depend on others significantly more than it is vital. Individuals put their satisfaction in the hands of another person probably their best friends or a boyfriend, supposing this will bring them satisfaction. This is mistake numerous individuals make nowadays.

Would you generally like to feel dependent on another person? Sometimes yes. But you need to know nobody can be there for you always, there are times when you will have to handle things on your own In addition to the fact that you are restricting yourself, you are more than likely turning into a weight to this individual if that person  isn't your true friend which of course is rare to find in today's materialistic world. We have to figure out how to settle on choices all alone because if you are dependent on someone else for your happiness and that person doesn't reciprocate the feelings then trust me it's going to hurt a lot. So make sure that even if there's no one you can survive on your own.

- Vani Matta