Justin Trudeau : Setting Goals Like Never Before

The 23rd Prime Minister of Canada is a dream come true. All this while when we dreamt of someone to join the premier league of world leaders, he is that imagination come true. It won’t be wrong to say that Justin Trudeau comprises of the stuff dreams are made of.

To prove my point, lets look at ways Mr. Trudeau has swept the world off its feet. 

1.  His stand on gender equality is inspiring. "If you're a progressive, you really should be a feminist because it's about equality, it's about respect, it's about making the best of the world that we have.” This is what the man had to say about feminism. He probably is the only Prime Minister to have a perfectly gender wise balanced cabinet. When asked why it was such a priority, he simply said, “Because it’s 2015.”

He also took part in the Montreal Pride Parade and the pictures were simply heart-warming. People can say whatever they want to, but as a leader it sometimes is big thing to just stand and show up for some issues.

2. He is as generous and warm as we’d want a leader to be. Handling the Syrian Refugee crisis like a boss, Justin Trudeau personally went to meet the refugees at the airport and gave them blankets. He also urged the people of Canada to show hospitality saying - “I encourage all Canadians to show them a warm holiday welcome in keeping with our values of compassion, kindness, and generosity.”

3. Nobody has ever offered support and help so enthusiastically as he did addressing the meet at the UN Climate Summit, he told the other representatives- "Canada is back, my friends. Canada is back, and here to help.” He is not all say too! According to reports 81% of Canada’s electricity is provided by hydro,solar, wind and nuclear energy.

4.  He is relatable on so many level. For starters, he publicly admitted to smoking and drug abuse in his younger days. He also stands for legalising marijuana - "Whatever you might think or studies you've seen about cannabis being less harmful than alcohol or even cigarettes, the fact is, it is bad for the developing brain, and we need to make sure that it's harder for underage Canadians to access marijuana," said Trudeau.And that will happen under a controlled and regulated regime. The other piece of it is there are billions upon billions of dollars flowing into the pockets of organized crime, street gangs and gun runners because of the illicit marijuana trade,” he said during at the summit hosted by The Economist. Then he chose to wear a superman t-shirt at the comic con. And his favourite part about the superhero is his alter ego, Clark Kent. He said he found it interesting that the costume is actually Clark Kent and not Superman! 

5. He has a fun side and he is not afraid to show it. If you don’t believe me, just look up his videos dancing and doing tricks with babies. Or his striptease for charity video. Or just google his pictures! Or just go watch his ad campaign which pokes fun at him!

6. He is as humble as it can get. Justin Trudeau is the son of late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Growing up it wasn’t extraordinary for him to have lunch with the Queen but that didn’t make him consider himself as any better than the other people. Speaking about his father he said, “ there were days where I wouldn’t eat at school because we had to rush home to have lunch with the Queen, for example. At the same time it was instilled upon us that this was a privilege and a responsibility, and nothing made us better than anyone else.”

7. While taking care of the bigger world, he doesn’t forget about his own little world.  “On my drive back to Montreal after three days in Ottawa, I’d look back and say, ‘OK, did the work I do in Ottawa as a simple backbencher MP contribute to a world that is better enough to compensate for the fact that I wasn’t there to put my kids to bed for three nights in a row?’ .”  He vividly recalls his memories with his father and talking about his childhood he tells how once he was dispatched for a “top-secret” mission in the Arctic and adds “I saw a figure, hunched over one of many worktables that seemed very cluttered. He was wearing a red suit with a furry white trim. And that's when I understood just how powerful and wonderful my father was.” He values family, which makes him all the more attractive.

You are a pioneer of hope, Mr Trudeau. Thank you!

- Shakshi Singh