That Girl With A Broken Heart

She's the girl lost in her thought and her anxieties.

She will show you that she's alright but she's the girl with hurt in her eyes.

There's always a chaos inside her soul and her mind.

She's not given up the fight but she's tired of fighting.

She has created horror stories out of her nightmares & poetry from her pain.

Don't tell her everything happens for a reason and that things will eventually be fine.

Instead be with her and make things alright one by one.

She's the one who is Brave, Broken and Strong, all at once.

She has accepted the demons inside her & she gives them a new life daily with the growing chaos in her mind, they feed on the overthinking she does.

Don’t try to drive those demons away.

They aren’t as harmful as humans.

Instead hold her hand and take a walk inside her head and you'll see the most caring heart ever where miracles come to life.

There will be a river of her kindness that flows right beside her mud of insecurities.

She won’t ask for much.

She knows that expectations only end up in heartbreak.

You need not worry about hurting her.

You can’t break a broken heart, can you?

You won’t have to worry about the promises you might break unintentionally either.

She would never expect you to keep them in the first place.

She knows that people come into our lives only to leave & she is always prepared for the worst.

She has been down this road too many times to get lost in it.

She knows everything in life comes with an expiry date.

She knows forever is a lie.

She asked for so little you couldn't give that also to her saying that her "over-love" & "over-care" is irritating.

All she asked was for a little love and a little care but alas you created a monster of her.

- Vani Matta