Broken Winged

We all have a dark side, a secret side - a side full of pains and a side full of scars. We all loved someone with our whole heart who made us feel worthless in their eyes. We all loved so much that it destroyed our perspective on love. We all have been engulfed by darkness. We all have our little secrets. We all have a story. But we all should remember no matter how hard the times get strong is the one who manages to shine the brightest in the dark times, strongest is the one who does not lose on to hope. It does not matter even if we cry everyday, our strength is not measured in the terms of how much or how hard we cry but how we hold on to hope even though you have been shot down a million number of times. Seeing the eclipse reminds me of how the moon yearns to be aligned with both the Sun and the Moon but also tells us how rare it happened, telling us everything happens for a reason, everything has it’s ways and everything happens on it’s own time. One broken heart does not mean giving up, learn and grow from that heart break, become stronger than ever before. Accept everybody with a sincere heart, nurse the countless open wounds secretly. Everybody is crazy and goofy in their own ways stop pretending to be blissful. We all are humans prone to make errors yet in our countless imperfections we have within us a gift of magic. Before you cry yourself to sleep for that one person who did not realise your worth, called you crazy and weird realise that you are insanely and madly beautiful in your own special way. Realise your gifts my dear broken souls for even a bird with broken wings never gives up on it’s desire to fly the highest in the wide blue sky.

Love yourself for you never know “KAL HO NA HO”.

- Vani Matta