Things Unlucky People Can Relate To

Bought a dress last week and it went on sale the next day? Well then I think you’ll be able relate to this article at so many levels. Here are some things people like you and me suffer in everyday life. No matter however careful we are, the odds are never in our favor.

1. You miss the bus just by a fraction of a second: What we assume the driver of the bus thinks when we arrive “Oh look, he’s here. Let’s accelerate away!”

2. You keep important things in safe places but forget the safe place later: Of course I remember how wonderfully I had wrapped those documents and how carefully I had kept them in the…..umm….oh crap!’

3. It has to rain the day you forget your umbrella:Did you forget your umbrella today? Here have some rain’ said the cloud.

4. When something slips from your hand, it’ll land in the worst place possible: Remember that time when you were wearing that beautiful limited edition ring and then, ‘splasssh’ it went down the drains.

5. Your white clothes attract colorful food more than magnets attract iron: Are you wearing a white dress to dinner tonight? Get ready to be colored with that barbeque sauce and that dripping mango ice-cream.

That moment when you lose the original, buy a duplicate and then find the original again: If you lose something and buy a replacement, the original item always suddenly shows up in the most obvious place? You’re unlucky!

If these were the things you could relate to, then I’m quite sure that you feel you aren’t such a lucky person. But don’t be sad. Just remember those are rare unlucky moments and bring smile to your face the next time it happens.

- Nrupali Nadkarn