Reasons You Would Absolutely Love Indian Weddings

Let's be real - who doesn't love weddings! They are a lot of fun, we meet cousins and friends; we spend day and night with them, the delicious food, and well we get to click a lot of photos and selfies. The countdown to the big event is full of days getting the right outfit, multiple visits to the parlor and working out to look absolutely wow! Here are our top reasons why we love Big Fat Indian Weddings!

The Unique Ceremonies and Traditions
In a Punjabi Wedding we can see a lot of unique ceremonies and traditions from the exchange of rings to the mehendi and haldi ceremony. We can expect Bhangra dancing on Dhol and the sangeet ceremony where there is a lot of singing and dancing on the dholki.

The Food

You can see a variety of food in the Indian Wedding, from continental to Italian to Punjabi food. You can taste it all at just one place. You also get offered a lot of drinks to have with the food.

The Dance
The dancing that you do for the groom and bride is the show stealer of the whole ceremony specially the practice sessions for the dance preparation is so much of fun. You can expect a showcase of different entertainments. It is pure enjoyment.
The shaadi ka ghar is pimped out weeks in advance so everyone knows there’s a wedding. It isn’t like a foreign wedding where your dad would walk you down the aisle but your brothers, sisters and friends; basically your crazy mad bunch walks you down the aisle towards the man of your dreams.

So many people gather on your special day just to shower their love and give their blessings for your new start, a new beginning of your life. There is so many kinds of love on display at the wedding, be it parents with children, or relatives with each other, and of course the bride and the groom. A wedding is definitely a great time for everything to be in unity and harmony!

The wedding altar is almost as beautiful as the bride. But two people are about start a new life and you get to call this whole crazy mini-festival an Indian Wedding day.

- Vani Matta