Reasons To Maintain A Dream Journal

Dreams can be interpreted in many ways. Dreams are events that take place in the subconscious minds. Sometimes dreams can be vividly remembered, but mostly the feeling of the dream is left behind while the events are hard to recall. Dreams to some are just piece of absent minded phenomenon of no or low valuable significance, to some it’s a like a message or a guidance. A dream journal is the most important tool for dreamers.  If you want to understand your dreams or learn lucid dreaming, a dream journal is a must.  Here are some reasons that will help you understand the idea behind maintaining a dream journal. 

Preparing for lucid dreaming. Keeping a dream journal is an important part of lucid dreaming. Fortunately, it's easy and fun - and ultimately improves your awareness of the dream state, making it easier to wake up in dreams. Dream journals cultivate self-awareness and self-awareness is the key to lucid dreaming. Writing down your dreams allows you to see patterns.   Soon you’ll have a list dream signs. 

Detect dream patterns. If you dream about something or someone in particular last night. And you realise that you have dream about that already last week and a week later it occurs. You can start detecting a pattern. By keeping a dream journal, you can easily see patterns. You’ll notice reoccurring themes, characters, and events. Recognizing dream patterns gives you a window into your Soul and subconscious.

It helps improve dream recall. Keeping a dream journal is the best way to train your mind that dreams are important.  This is particularly true if you think you don’t dream or if you have trouble remembering your dreams. If you can’t remember anything simply write “No dream recall.” Writing this phrase tells your subconscious that dreams are important and that you want to recall them.  Eventually you’ll start recalling dream fragments and before you know it you’ll recall entire dream narratives.

Cultivating psychic abilities. Dreams are a direct connection to the Infinite All. And within the Infinite All, there is no time, and there is no space. This means that through your dreams, you have direct access to the past, present, and even the future. If you’ve previously recorded a dream and then the events of the dream take place in your waking life, you’ll have proof of the validity of psychic dreaming. Without dream journal, it’s easy to dismiss or rationalize away your experience.

Boosts creativity. Dreams make you more creative.  It’s a scientifically known fact that during dreaming your logical processes shut down and your creative centre’s take over. In this state, your mind creates new neural pathways and connects ideas in different ways. The result is enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills. Writing down your dreams also gives you a record of your creative insights.

- Vrishti Nadkarni