Into The Wild

Have you ever just sat down, stared into the oblivion and realized how far from reality you have come?

Have you ever experienced, seen or felt something so real that makes you want to shed all the material weight you have pounded upon yourself?

I recently came across a movie and then it just hit me. We have become so lost into our everyday grind that we have lost touch with ourselves and to the basic truth of our existence.

Have you ever just left behind everything and went on a journey. On a journey to reconnect with your naked self and with nothing to guide or assist you other than your head and your hands?

“The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences.” says Alex. So I say, you get out there. Take that adventure you have always wanted to take and discover the magic of truth and beauty that surrounds you.

Hair, make up, dress up, touch up are only human inventions that remove us from our beauty. The beauty of the soul, the beauty of the mind.  Just get out there for a while, leave the world behind and leave you camera behind and just take in all that surrounds you. Stop. Stop for a while and just look around.

Let the waves hit you, the wind touch you, the land kiss you and you’ll realize “how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong.”

- Shakshi Singh