Dear Parents

Wrinkles on your skin will start to grow, World will see your fading youth glow. The second we’re born we start running out of time, but you were there to make it worth my while. And dear, when your strands go silver from bronze, I’ll be there holding your hand like you did when I started to walk. I’ll remember the day you told me not to fear the non-existing monster under my bed and that’s what kept me strong when I faced the real ones from outside our door. And love, your speech will go slurry but I’ll understand like you did when I didn’t know how to speak. Memory lane is filled with our times, can’t replace them even if they rot. I promise I’ll be close when you take your last breath just as close as you were when I took my first. And honey, your eyes will turn teary as you see me go with the man of my dreams but I’ll come running back to wipe them off like you did when I had the worst first day ,when you left me with a class full of strangers. And dear, don’t you worry about the skyfall I’ll be there standing tall with you like you did when everyone left my back. – Radhika Gupta