This Poem By Actor Piyush Mishra On A Five Year Old Girl And Rape Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

It is a fact that millions of girls and boys worldwide are being sexually abused within homes and outside. They are abused by families and known persons. The perpetrator can be anyone who exploits the childs vulnerability to gain sexual gratification. It involves mental, physical and emotional abuse of a child through overt and covert sexual acts, gestures and disposition ? when informed consent or resistance by the child victim to such acts is not possible. This is a widespread problem all over the country and such cases come as a shock to the whole country. Actor Piyush Mishra has been known to raise his voice when it comes to social issues. His songs and poems carry a deep social message. Here is one such poem on chil rape that will send chills down your spine that the actor recited at Hindu College of Delhi University during their annual conclave ? Vaktavya. ?Kyun aate ho uncle? Mujhko dar lagta hai?