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Everyone loves looking at an amazing piece of art. For once, our desire for art awakes and we want to draw too but none of this is as easy as it seems. It takes hard work and a desire to make something brilliant. For it to be appreciated by the world. On this note, bring you the makers of ‘SWAGANUSAAR’, this season’s brightest and most aspiring graphic designers.

Tushar Mathur and Vitthal Bhat are one of the seasons most talked-about names, and one of the Delhi’s brightest emerging designers, but they are not about to rest on their laurels just yet.
Tushar being a 2nd year engineering student and Vitthal a 1st year Communication Designing student have been best friends for more than 10 years and know each other since class 5th. Since then they have had an amazing journey together, whether or not they were in the same class.

“I was always in creative side of things. May it be drawing, sketching or anything. After 12th, I decided to follow my dad’s footsteps of being a Chartered Accountant. However, that didn’t go out well for me. So I decided to do what I love best, and gave my creative side a kick, and thought of making a career in graphics and advertising”, said Vitthal when asked how exactly did he got into designing.
Vitthal has joined The Pearl Academy for the course of Communication Designing that basically deals with the field of Graphics. Before joining, he needed a strong portfolio and hence, he started learning graphics, especially minimal designs on your orders.


“When I started to build my portfolio. In those early days, I showed some of my works to Tushar, and he saw that we could turn this designing into something new and here we are , together as SwagAnusaar. Not only have we made our Indian Customers happy. We even have had delivered and done successful work with someone from aboard,” says Vitthal .

Talking more about their new venture in designing, Vitthal says, “Yeah we’re still a young company and what I feel is one need to be different and exclusive to stand a chance especially since nowadays people are buying posters from CP for as cheap as 80 bucks!”

Tushar says, “So what I saw in Vitthal’s work was that exclusivity & creativeness, that I thought would attract people to get stuff from us!
He actually helped me learn designing too and since then we’ve been managing, designing, printing & delivering all our oorders.
Yes, that’s all true !
And we love doing it
So when asked what’s up with name SWAGANUSAAR, they tell us that, “It took us one entire night stay to decide the name of our project. We finally narrowed it down to a few names which included SwagAnusaar but we chose, the name ” Kaun Artist “. We took an entire day to make the facebook page, the font of Kaun Artist, the logo, everything, and realised later that Kaun Artist was actually taken by someone but luckily we hadn’t published our page yet. So since Kaun Artist was taken, the second best option was SwagAnusaar and there you have it SWAGANUSSAR”.
“We were not going to put up our stuff online, until we had like discussed properly about everything. Since we both had no idea about Instagram and how it works. Firstly, we started putting our posters online without knowing that people could follow us. Our profile was private , not public yet , still people started following us and since then we have been growing day by day as SWAGANUSAAR Designs” , says both the designers.

A word with the designers.

What currently fascinates you and how is it feeding into your work?

Well minimalistic clean design has always fascinated us. It is the trend nowadays. More and more people are interested in these designs nowadays. Hence we have launched our new product of PERSONALIZED MINIMAL DESIGNS, where people can now get minimal posters made for anyone. It is getting a great response.

Any advice for anyone who wants to be a designer?

The best part about it is, you don’t really need to go to a college or academy to learn designing. All you need is some effort. It is time consuming, and you will spend hours on one design. But the end result is always worth it and the possibilities are endless with designing.

What are you personal favourite designers and why ?

Well we are huge fans of Justin Maller. His work is brilliant !

Do you draw very much and do you think it’s important for a designer to be able to draw?

The answer varies from design to design. Some designs are straight forward, some are not! Suppose you have to design a logo, that will require a lot of time and will require you to draw each and every aspect of that logo before you even start designing! I don’t draw much, but Vitthal being the creative one has amazing drawing skills, says Tushar.

What currently fascinates you and how is it feeding into your work?

“Well minimalistic clean design has always fascinated us. It is the trend nowadays” said the designers of SWAGANUSAAR.

-Akshada Rawat

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