Women Are A Work Of Art

Artwork by Talat Razia A wise man once called women as a work of art. All your hair would turn grey and all your teeth would fall off but you won??t be able to figure out exactly what a woman is thinking. A woman??s heart is like a magical vault that opens only when the right words are spoken. A vault where all her desires, all her wishes and all her grief is hidden away, not at all effecting the straight face that she puts on every day. Like a soldier preparing for battle, she prepares herself each day, for the wars that await her. Wars with her family, wars with the society and most importantly, the wars with herself. Every picture has a story to tell. Some stories are simply out there staring at you right in your face and some hidden so well beneath the faade that is the painting that no one actually knows what the painter wants the world to see. Take The Mona Lisa for instance, who knows what secrets she holds beneath her enigmatic smile. The girl in the given picture is no different from any other woman. She??s too tired today. Tired of all the battles that she has fought today, trying to defend herself, as she knows that she is on her own. And now, as she lays down to rest, not for a single moment does she puts down her guard, for she knows the world would have her as soon as she makes a mistake. People can very well see her open body. But that doesn??t bother her, for her body is just the outer shell, it is the temple to the sacred goddess inside her. Maybe someday the world would conquer her body but it shall never conquer the goddess within her. The goddess that lives in her heart and empowers her to fight her fears. She has closed her eyes, for people say that the way to a woman??s heart is through her eyes. She??s too afraid to let anyone in. And as she rests, preparing for the next day, the next challenge, she closes her heart, shutting out anyone who may want to break in. Made On: Cartridge Sheet Drawn With: Willow Charcoal.