Harry??s Bar + Caf

On behalf of FBAI, I was invited by HBSC bank for their ‘Beyond Flavours’ dining initiative. I went to Harry’s Bar + Café, the one which is located in the Khan Market, Delhi. This particular outlet is surprisingly small in size, but the interior has been done very nicely. It gives the place a very warm ambience. This is the kind of Café that you can go for quick drinks with your friends. This Café serves an extensive variety of drinks.

Coming to what I had, I tried their famous Lemongrass & Ginger Caiprojka in cocktails. Apart from this, the other options were at the Café Cranberry Mojito, Dirty Harry and Coladas. After a good relaxing drink, I moved on to have salad in which two options were providedat Harry’s. One was Watermelon & Feta and the other option was Market Caesar.

Not being a person who enjoys salads a lot, I chose Market Cesar and took a few digs from it. The salad was really fresh and nicely prepared by the chefs at the Café. After this, I was quite full and decided to skip the starter in which again various options were given such as The Satay Club, Crispy Chili Potatoes, Pattaya Beach Fish Goujons & Crispy Chicken.

I do regret missing these awesome treats. Later, I sunk my teeth into Chicken White Sauce Pasta, which was an absolute delight to have. Personally, I love white sauce pasta and they served me the huge proportion of it which was quite delicious.


And all this was finished off with Gelato Chocolate ice cream. What I really liked about this Café was their presentation of food.

Apart from the food, the service was very quick and efficient and my server was very polite.

– Poorvi Singh Chaudhary