Hidden Delicacies Of Delhi

As we all know that Delhi ‘Dillwalon ki hai’ and ‘dil ka rasta pet ki taraf se jata hai’, thus concluding that every Delhite is a big street food lover. In this travelogue I will uncover the hidden gems of Delhi that are hard to find. My journey started with a motive of finding best street food on Delhi Roads and no journey can start without a good breakfast. My first stop was at the famous paranthe waali gali.

It’s the most precious gem of indian food industry. With 87 varieties of paranthas including jaggery and banana parantha, they provide the best of paranthas in the world, along with pumpkin chutney. It was followed by a sumptuous rabri faluda shake at Giani’s kulfi faluda corner.

To celebrate the chill of the winters, I got special Moong Dal Halwa packed for my parents which they love. Just a few shops ahead I found a special type of barfi known as ‘Karachi halwa’ also known as chewing gum barfi. It was hard, sweet and tasty.

The journey continued to Natraj chaat bhandaar, situated next to Central bank of India branch,which apparently supplies the best dahi bhalla and tikki mixed with tamarind sauce and green chili chutney garnished with bhujiya and ginger.

My journey then took me to CP where the famous Yamu’s Panchayat is situated. It was afternoon and I was full enough to just have a paan for refreshment.  They offer you 30 pan varieties, varying from 40 bucks for sada(simple) to 300 for their special. Must try are chocolate and litchi paan. My next stop was Keventers. If you’re in CP, you must try Keventers’ milk shakes. They are the best. With almost 4 on my clock, it was time for some snacks so I took metro and travelled to Lado Sarai, Mehrauli. There is a shop called Cheese Chaplin which offers a gourmet pizza and tiramisu.


The thing that makes it even more exciting isn’t just the lip smacking food but also it’s location. The shop is right in the middle of small ramshackle shops in Lado Sarai.  While in Mehrauli, I also discovered two old architectural marvels: “Hijron Ka Khanqah” and “Jahaz Mahal”. It was evening and time for some snacks and tea so the next stop was ‘Majnu ka tilla’. This time it wasn’t any heavy meal at a grandeur shop but a moment of relaxation under open air. Sitting there with a cup of hot tea and maggi since ‘Meri Maggi Wapis Aa Gayi Hai’.

It was 8 and the time to end the day of travel but without dinner, are you serious! I won’t let that happen. So, I came to my place, Shahdara. There at my favorite restaurant Gulshan Ka Dhabba, I enjoyed butter chicken and rumali roti with some old friends. The day ended with a glass of hot milk garnished with dry fruit. This travelogue was of a single day and I was like damn, Delhi is big and I haven’t even discovered one place completely.

– Ankur Bagai