Such A Filmy Affair? Mumbai Matinee

I grew up watching all kinds of a Bollywood movie, be it black and white, classical or of Dara Singh and I was fed the staple diet of Zee cinema by my grandfather.

So while roaming around in sector 18, Noida and thinking where to eat after watching “Badlapur” with my best friend, I saw this place and we just had to try it out! This place cannot be more filmy, The decor is funky with napkin holders made out of old cassette tape boxes and your bill being served in tape reel boxes. The roof was decorated with old record CD’s and the walls with renaissance style old movie posters. And the menu (oh the amusement)!

So for a person with such a filmy association, a place like the “Mumbai Matinee” seemed just perfect. This Bollywood café is the brainchild of husband-wife duo Prateek and Seep Gambhir. Elaborating on the thought process behind the concept, they say, “The idea of a Bollywood inspired café germinated during our college days itself, when just like other youngsters, we used to spend so much time watching movies and dining at restaurants. We had always aspired to weave the two together…The idea is to give our patrons a place to unwind and relive some of their best days of life.”

Another thing that I liked about this place is their music collection, they play all those songs that you have grown up listening to. The ambience of this place is really nice and cosy the vibe is vibrant and so refreshing and rejuvenating, talking about the service that they offer it is quick and efficient. This café/ lounge doesn’t have a specific cuisine, it’s more of a mixture of it and they offer something or other from all kinds of cuisine. After much thought we ended up ordering chicken risotto, nacho with salsa and chocolate caramel shake. This place is not easy on the pocket but the quality and the quantity of the food they give to you, covers it up. (Costed us 1000 bucks)

The food was delicious and so tummy filling (had to pack our risotto). The salsa sauce was amazing, really loved it, the shake was thick and chocolaty and the quantity was huge (just the way I like it). This place also serves hookah and the menu for it is quite quirky, another thing that I liked about their menu is that they have colour coordinated it, so if it is pure veg it is green, if it is in-between it is yellow and red if it’s pure no veg.