Bread And More

Bread & More is a pioneering chain of French Café concept outlets which is devoted to selling exceptional quality bakery and confectionary products. Established in the year 2000, Bread & More opened its first store in Delhi and has since spread its wings with stores operational in Mumbai and Goa. With a range of over forty different international breads and a host of exotic cakes and specialized confectionary products inspired from French and Italian cuisine, Bread & More confidently differentiates itself from its competitors and is placed in the premium segment of the industry.

This Kwality venture also sells pastries and tarts at its fast-food counters. Choco Truffle Cake, Mud Pastry and Blueberry Cake are hot-selling items. Salads and quiches are also worth trying. They have revisited the concepts of a classic French patisserie and boulangerie with a range of modern desserts & freshly baked breads that aim to take you on a gastronomic adventure. Whichever dessert you fancy, you name it; they have it!
The best thing was the customized cake they had!

Yesterday, I finally visited the store which is located in Greater Kailash 1 N Block market. Being alone I could only try very few dishes but I enjoyed everything which I had. Although it might have been better if the GM was present (like promised), but I would let that slide as the food was really good.


The first thing which came to my mind when I entered this place was CUTE. Although the sitting capacity was not too impressive, only around twenty people could find their place at a time. The decor of the place is very subtle and decorated with a few statement showpieces which add to the entire look of the place. Also, the atmosphere is very vibrant, warm and cozy plus the music which was playing in the background made it placid and calm.

Now talking about what all I had, I tried cappuccino chocolate croissant, ham and cheese croissant, Americano and their bestselling pastries (yup plural).

Starting with the coffee, it’s probably the best cappuccino available in Delhi. They use kaftan beans to make their coffee; which gives the perfect aroma and flavor.

I paired up chocolate croissant with it and it turned out to be pretty amazing for me, it was soft and tasted fresh the only disappointment was that it wasn’t warm enough but even then I ate the entire thing.

Next thing I tried was Ham & cheese croissant with Americano coffee and I like ham and cheese better than the chocolate one, it’s a must have and I would definitely go and have it again. The Ham was fresh and thank God this time the croissant was warm enough. Plus the Americano really complimented it.

By this time I was quite full and the only space left was for dessert so I ordered their best selling pastry, the Napoleon Pastry, this pastry like its name is quite exceptional. It is a blend of cream patisserie i.e. pastry cream, flaky bread with a topping of luscious toffee sauce spread evenly. Every bite of this dessert proved heavenly, another must have!


And finally I had their Belgium chocolate pastry which is second best selling dish; it’s a combination of brownie and chocolate muse. It’s creamy, fresh and the taste of brownie and muse is blending well but nowhere overlapping or clashing with each other.

With this I came to the end of my gastronomic expedition at the top-most level.

I liked this place because of its service which was quick and efficient and the attendants were really polite. The presentation of the food was very simple yet very impressive and I loved it.
Other patisseries in town have some serious competition to sustain themselves! Bread & More is surely creating strides among the sweet-tooths’ of the capital!

Editors note : I would totally recommend to go their either for a brunch with friends or with winters approaching there would be nothing better than to take your loved ones out for a coffee date.

Ps- cost for two is 400/-

All pictures by Barclet Magazine