Food Blogging?? Poorvi Singh Chaudhary

For our Food Blogging section, we have our very own Food Blogger! Introducing, Poorvi Singh Chaudhary, she comes from a paramilitary background, because of which she has travelled a lot and lived in the remotest parts of the country. That??s how she developed a taste for various kinds of cuisines and lost her inhibition of tasting and trying new dishes. However, that??s also how she became a gigantic foodie. She loves eating out and trying whatever the menu has to offer.?I had always loved food, a sense of satisfaction comes to me when the server brings me my order. Besides eating I also love writing and somewhere in the beginning of 2015, my only two hobbies and talent got combined and I started blogging about the places that I have visited,? she says. Interestingly enough, she can?t cook and that?s not because of lack of trying, therefore she?s a big foodie who has no idea how a kitchen operates. Yes, she truly believe that one day she would be one of the most sought after bloggers and maybe she would pay her rent with it. Apart from being a blogger, Poorvi is a 4th year law student at IP University. Stay tuned for some amazing food blogs coming your way!