Out Of The Box Ca? Hauz Khas Village

This café is situated in two locations – Khan Market and Hauz Khas Village. The one in which I personally went was the Hauz Khas Village outlet. Situated on the 4th floor of the building, it wasn’t too hard to find the café mainly because of the fact that it was written in bright yellow colour – OTB short for out of the box on the building. The building has other cafes as well along with this café situated in the building. It was one of my friend’s birthday when we decided to explore this place. In the hustle of the over-crowded Hauzkhas village and among of the billion other cafes, this café stood out because of its calm ambience and light music in the background. We opted for the rooftop seating, the view from the terrace was the USP of this café. From starters to main course this place gives you many options to choose from. We ordered paneer tikka, chicken and cheese nachos and beer for the starters. The view from the rooftop was seemingly breath-taking. Soon we decided to have hookahs. We ordered two hookahs – Brainfreezer and summer of 69 and both were mind refreshing and had a touch of mint in them. The staff people were very generous and courteous in nature. The crowd was very nice in the café which was a big thumbs up from my side. After a while, we ordered our main course keeping it light and saving space in our stomachs for the delicious desserts this café is famous for.

We had Ludhiana tandoori chicken which was served with spicy green chilly chutney and the OTB thin crust pizza, which was quite a setback for me. Then pizza was a bit on the sweeter side and me being more on a spicy side didn’t liked it much. You can say it was the only thing out of all that we ordered which I didn’t liked. Anyway soon we jumped onto the desserts which were so yummmyyyyy! Basically the best in the lot.

We ordered blueberry cheesecake and apple tart. Apple tart was not too good but blueberry cheesecake just made the place my all time favourite. We enjoyed the weather and were completely full by the time we thought of leaving.


The food was so good, the prices were reasonable and we felt contented while leaving the place…yayaya I couldn’t ask more from a café. Please go and try this café on weekends to enjoy many programs arranged for you guys.

– Kritika Bhardwaj

Image Source – Dineout