Meet Sesky

Hi. I am Sesky! YouTube is where I express my mostly weird and sometimes funny, opinions about the world. I am a Delhiite but dil se I will always be a Malayalee and you would definitely find that in my videos there is a taste of Delhi alongside a lot of Mallu-Swag. Apart from making videos, I am pursuing Sociology but that doesn???t seem to be going anywhere, so basically I will have to live in a box when my parents kick me out(Not Really). I have always loved making others laugh and YouTube is the best platform to do it. I enjoy making videos and I hope you enjoy watching them too. What made you start posting videos online? Well, I always had this desire to make others laugh but putting it up online was never in my to-do-list. So, it was mostly the pressure from my brother and emotional blackmailing from my friends that made me do it. How has it been working with other YouTubers? I haven?t really worked with many YouTubers (I have met many, does that count?), but the few I have worked with were AWESOME! You really get to know their perspective of Youtube, style of videos they make, what do they lack and what are they amazing at. You learn from each other, it??s a process of reciprocity. And more than that, you make friends. Share the story of comedy hunt, tell us how it affected your personal and professional life? If it wasn??t for the Comedy Hunt I probably wouldn??t have continued making videos. The whole journey was AMAZING, definitely stressful, but amazingly so. The routine of making a video every week was tough and it does affect your personal life because you just wouldn??t have time for anything else! You work your ass off to get the video there before 11am, sometimes things go wrong, the video would crash, upload would be slow and some other times you wouldn??t even have an idea of what you should make. But when you see people supporting and smiling at your videos, when you get invited to Mumbai to meet AIB, Kanan Gill, Biswa, Abish, SDE, Kaneez and EIC, when other contestants come to you and appreciate your work, you know it was all worth it. Where do you see yourself/what do you see yourself doing in 5 years? Honestly,I have never thought about this. But, let??s make vague guesses. I think I would love to be a stand-up comedian or a theatre artist. Define your channel in three words. Tongue-in-cheek, Unruly andSesky! It has to be Sesky! Name a few vloggers who influence you. Niga Higa and Superwoman. Which do you prefer: Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook? Instagram and Facebook (Yes, I am kinda old school ) Where do you get inspiration for your videos? I get inspired by the peculiar people around me and the even more peculiar things they do. What do you like better, filming or editing? Editing! I love to be random with it! How many people know about your YouTube channel and your presence on the Internet? Is it something you like to tell people? Right now I have 1010 subscribers, so they definitely know about it and a few relatives who don??t know what a subscribe button is. Yes, I am proud of it and I do like to speak about it but only if we are talking about YouTube or something on those lines. I would not randomly say that I have a Youtube channel when others are clearly discussing whether or not aliens exist. What is something you dislike about YouTube? It is dehumanising at some levels. I really hate to speak to the camera, you are trying to be funny and the camera just stares back at you with a dead eye. You cannot listen to people laughing. It kinda lacks a personal touch. Do you feel like there is pressure to keep getting more subscribers and more views on your videos? More than subscribers, it??s the views that matter. When you make something good, you really want people to see it. But I don???t think there is any pressure unless you are a person who makes a living out of YouTube. Why do you think that some YouTubers are considered ??famous???? Are you opposed to that kind of outlook? Some are famous because they consistently manage to grab YouTube eyeballs in some or the other way. I am not opposed to any sort of outlook but personally, I want attain fame by making good videos and not by playing to the gallery. Which video are you most proud of? Dakshin Ka Swag. What do you like making more: fun/funny videos or artsy/intriguing videos? Funny Videos. Advice for new YouTubers: What is a DO and what is a DONT? YouTube is a huge community, so whatever you do, try and be DIFFERENT from others. And what you shouldn?t be doing is worrying about the subscribers, the views, the fame and the ??money? that you?d make out of it. Do what you are good at, with utmost sincerity and whatever you deserve would fly to you. What is your all time favourite television show? F.R.I.E.N.D.S (For some reason, I felt the need to write it that way) Any YouTuber crushes? Niga Higa! *blush* What is something that you think people would want to know about you? My name, I think. What question are you asked most frequently and can you answer it? ?Toh ye video shoot kon karta he?? The answer is that I do it. For some reason, it is hard for people to imagine that it CAN be done alone. What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since you??ve started posting videos on YouTube? Meeting AIB, Kanan Gill, Biswa, Abish, SDE team, Kaneez and EIC.