Kanan Gill - Most Pretentious Of 'em All

He juggled between a full-time job and stand-up comedy for three years and won the ‘Punch Line – Bangalore’ competition post which he decided to quit his job and went on to conquer the humor industry. He can be introduced as the shining sensation of YouTube, one-half of the ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’; if you haven’t guessed it already, then it's high time for you to come out of your cave and check your internet connection. We present to you – Kanan Gill. We feel out of words to express the talent a man can pursue with such vigor. Without getting further taken away by the introduction, let’s take you to the exclusive interview Kanan Gill gave to Barclet Magazine. How is it like performing for the Delhi crowd? ”I love performing for the Delhi crowd! This is a nice, older, working crowd. It’s a great venue for stand-up. Such an intimate setting, just the kind of thing you want.” Is it different when you’re performing for a crowd in Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru? ”In general, no. But every comedy crowd is different. Especially in India, you have to gaze the room very carefully. You have to know what kind of audience has come and how to tailor the jokes according to them.”

When did you realize that you can pull off a career out of making people laugh?

”I never wanted to make it my career. There was no such intention of making a career out of making people laugh. It just became by career. I just thought that it was fun to do.”

You started off by taking street interviews, how does it feel now that people chase you for an interview?

”I feel great but I always understand what it’s like to be the person taking the interview. You can’t just go to people and start asking questions. Massive consistent rejection is what makes you a better person.”

Any comment or compliment that has made a deep impact on what you’re doing right now?

”I used to sing and play guitar for my band in college. I used to make fun of the audience when they didn’t seem to listen or pay attention. On one such occasion, someone came and told me that you should do stand-up and that made a huge impact on me.”

Do you think Pretentious Movie Reviews could have happened without Biswa?

”Biswa and I are really similar. There’s a really unique combination. We have very similar outlooks towards the world and I think that is why we do well together. We present our outlooks in a different way.”

What is the main motive of the Comedy Hunt? How is it like to perform with other YouTubers?

”The thing with most Indian YouTubers is that they all are stand-up comedians. The comedy hunt was an initiative towards finding and promoting content creators. So many YouTubers came out of the comedy hunt. We had 1500 entries, which is huge.”