The Life Of A Social Butterfly?? Swarnaa

‘My creation is an extension of self. Not discrepant from me, not somebody else I wanna be. I wanted you to see the world the way I see, watch me grow, fall and fly. I decided to be a Youtuber. Nothing definite, initially I just wanted to try.’ This is how we can particularly describe Swarnaa, the girl behind the YouTube channel ‘The Life of a Social Butterfly’. Well this is such a fancy fairytale kind of name for the channel itself. (Yes it reminds me more of the fox life shows on air). She’s based in Australia. Australia is miles across the sea. She gives us a glimpse into a place so far, of an island that looks like a star. I wonder how well that is of a way to use the bachelors of business and commerce major in marketing. Ask Mr. Hon Rickard!

So you will be seeing her in most of the social events grinning ear to ear, in conversation with a mottled audience. Almost like a butterfly over a flower. Hence, you have the channel named ‘The Life of a Social Butterfly’. Couldn’t get any better. This is a formal dialogue with Swarnaa which was fun as fun could be.
(A mundane question though which gets along a rapid fire round then meandering into a serious conversation)

What made you start posting videos online?
“I’ve always been on a search for a platform to express myself. I love being creative and I love sharing whatever I create with the world. YouTube just took all that to a whole new level.
Working with other youtubers be like?
It’s always so wonderful meeting other YouTubers. It really makes the whole process easier to know that you’ve got other YouTubers going through the same process as you and they’re there to support you and you’re there to support them. It’s an awesome community!”

Right at this point, where do picture yourself in next five years?
“Life is full of surprises. I’m one of those kids who’s gone through a phase of wanting to be everything from a Doctor, Artist, Lawyer, Psychologist, Blogger, Marketing Manager. I essentially want to be doing something that makes me happy. YouTube is definitely something I want to take to a new level but we will just have to see!”

Your channel in three words?
“Social Butterfly’s Life. (See what I did there?)”

Vloggers who influence you?
“Superwoman will be my number one inspiration followed by Brittney Lee Saunders & Irene Mahmud Khan.”

Which one of the following do you prefer: Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook? 
“I love social media but if I had to choose definitely Instagram!”

Inspiration for your videos comes from?
“Since I’m a vlogger my videos are essentially events that happen in my life. So I guess I would say my friends & family.”

Which side of the grass is greener, filming or editing?
“I love both. They’ve both got their perks. I love standing in front of the camera talking to my viewers and showing them cool stuff around me. I also love sitting down watching over the footage, trying to figure out what’s the best way to put it together to create an entertaining vlog.”

All time favourite television shows?
“I’ve actually got quite a few. I love FRIENDS, Fresh Prince & my current favourite being Pretty Little Liars.”

Any YouTuber crushes? 
“Without a doubt – Superwoman”

How many people know about your YouTube channel and your presence on the Internet? Is it something you like to tell people? 
“Majority of my friends and family know about my channel. Even if I don’t mention it to my family my parents do haha. I like sharing my videos on my personal FB profile as well, so all my friends know about it – I guess. I have also featured some of my friends on my videos as well. I guess my channel is a big part of my life so yeah I do definitely mention it to others.”

What is something you dislike about YouTube?
“I love YouTube. If it wasn’t for YouTube I wouldn’t be able to have my channel and reach out to such awesome people. I guess if I really had to pick something I would say, my inability to reply to all my comments. Some people on YouTube haven’t fixed up their settings and I never know how to let them know that I can’t reply to them because their settings aren’t set right. But other than that, YouTube is freaking awesome!”

Do you feel like there is pressure to keep getting more subscribers and more views on your videos?
“If you’re on YouTube making videos all for the right reasons you won’t feel the pressure to gain more subscribers and views. All that just comes over time. I create & upload my videos because it truly is something I enjoy doing. My happiness doesn’t stem from the amount of subscribers and views but rather from the process of creating, editing and uploading those videos. The subscribers and views are just an awesome bonus! It’s always the best to have people support you, when you’re doing something you really love.”

Why do you think that some YouTubers are considered ‘famous’? Are you opposed to that kind of outlook? 
“If we take away the stigma attached to the term ‘famous’ in my eyes it just means you’re known by many people. Some YouTubers have really succeeded in what they do and as a result have become very well known. So I guess there is nothing wrong in them being referred to as a “famous” YouTuber. They’re being recognised for their efforts. I’m all for that!”

Which video are you most proud of?
I put a lot of time & effort into my videos. I don’t like uploading anything half heartedly. However, if I really had to choose I would say the two videos that make me really proud would be:

“How NOT to bake a cake in a TAMIL Household – This video was something I shot so spontaneously and I honestly had no idea how well it would be received. I decided to start baking a cake for my cousin and I just turned on the camera on my laptop to record the process. I genuinely just wanted it to be cake tutorial video, which turned into a comedic video due to all the screaming and scolding I got from my mum. A lot of people found that hilarious and found it so relatable and it’s one of my most popular videos. It makes me proud to know that I’ve made so many people laugh.”

“Be a Hero to the Handicapped. This video is extremely close to my heart. It was also a very difficult video to shoot and put out there for the world to see. I talk about my brother’s disability. I’m really happy I put this video out there and be able to raise awareness about kids with disabilities in third – war countries. I managed to collect roughly $3000 from the campaign I talk about in this video.”

What do you like making more: fun/funny videos or artsy/intriguing videos? 
“I love having fun, being funny, artsy and intridguing so I guess I love a bit of both worlds. It’s all about having a balance ay?”

Advice for new YouTubers: What is a DO and what is a DON’T?
“It’s pretty simple. DO whatever you want on your channel. Obviously follow the guidelines of YouTube but don’t listen to others on how it should be done. You make your own rules as you go. If you want to be funny be funny. If you want to be serious be serious. If you want to do both, that’s cool too. It’s your channel. But one important thing is not to put it off. A lot of people want to embark on a journey in the YouTube world but they never gather up the time and effort to do so. Today will ALWAYS be the best day to start. DON’T try to be a perfectionist and just learn as you go. DON’T let the haters get to you. There will always be people out there that judge and question you no matter what you do. Don’t let that get to you. Follow your heart & make that channel! (You have my support!)
What is something that you think people would want to know about you? Having only started my channel a year ago I think there is still  A LOT to learn about me. However, I think one thing people get curious about is how I’m so confident? I’m confident because of my mindset. I believe if you be yourself, openly make mistakes and just be REAL – people will love that, because you’re relatable. When people watch other confident people they admire them. But when it comes to being confident themselves they have this perception that people are going to laugh at them.”

What question are you asked most frequently and can you answer it? 
“The question I’m asked most frequently is how my parents reacted when I started my YouTube channel? My parents like most asian parents were a little taken back by it. However, after I started featuring them in my videos and they started getting recognition, they started to love it. I guess what I understood from that is that they didn’t quite understand how YouTube worked. But over time they started to learn more about it from me and now they love it”

What has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since you’ve started posting videos on YouTube?

“The most exciting thing to happen to me since I started posting videos on YouTube is just the amount of people I have become friends with from all parts of the world. It’s so awesome how YouTube/Social media works and how it just connects people. I love receiving comments from people about how they love my videos. It gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.”

– Sakshi Agarwal

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