Who Wants To Be A YouTuber?

An interview with Rohan Yadav

Who wouldn’t want to stand in front of a camera and say funny things all day long? But not everyone has the courage to take that one extra step and show their work to the whole world.

That’s step one to becoming a YouTuber. You’ve got to have courage.

And not just because people might make fun if you or think of you as a ‘clown’, but also because if you succeed in gaining the world’s attention, you’ve got to have the courage to keep them happy and fulfil their ever increasing demand to be entertained.

Starting up your own channel on YouTube and posting videos regularly in no piece of cake. So, to get some close (Well, personal actually) insight on starting out as a YouTuber, we talked to Rohan Yadav.

“I didn’t just want to get out there, you know. I wanted to state my individuality! What?????s better than acting dumb in front of the camera, right??????, Rohan said when we asked him why he decided to start posting videos online. And we couldn’t agree more. Sometimes, we’re so tied up in our daily routine, it’s necessary to blow off some steam. And what could be better than doing crazy things to make people laugh?

We asked Rohan where he saw himself in the next five years to which he answered – “Making movies! Big productions and you know the Bollywood mumbo-jumbo. I won?????t lie, I like acting too, so maybe doing some side-role or playing some character. Haha, you never know!”

According to him, there’s always pressure to keep getting more views and gaining subscribers. But different YouTubers have different goals. “At a point of time, it was popularity for me. Now it has changed to just a platform where I show what I have learned. But then, I still worry about my content and I ask myself every day that ‘what is that ONE thing that I am not doing right?’ because in all honesty, there are channel which are doing amazing work and are so big. In terms of everything.”

‘Kuch Bhi (Anything), Creepy and Emotional’. That’s Rohan Yadav’s channel for you summed up in three simple words. He says he gets his inspiration from ‘daily life, Metro rides, other YouTubers, movies, conversations. Basically EVERYWHERE!

He is most proud of his video named ‘One Year More’.

“I love it because those are my true emotions about what I do and about everything else.????? he said.

He seemed tired of telling his age to people, which by the way is only 19, because people don’t seem to believe him.

“They usually don?????t believe it because the kind of work I put out there and the kind of experience I have gained. I usually have to show them my Adhar Card!????? he continued.

When asked to choose between funny or artsy videos, he said, “I SO want to make artsy videos but it?????s not possible for you to go all ‘Christopher Nolan’ on people out of nowhere. I mean, you can if you are Christopher Nolan but it takes time for the audience to understand your ways. Plus, funny video get quicker audience in general. Everybody relates to humor.”

Rohan says he’d choose filming over editing any day. Well, we can relate to that. Nobody likes to sit in front of a screen and sync the audio with the video! But, that is where the magic happens. Something that he dislikes about YouTube is that talent doesn’t matter at all. You could upload a video of a dog farting and it would get you 10K views in a day. But, every good thing has a bad side to it.

Facebook is his preferred choice of social network as he gets most of his traffic from there.

CTFxC and JusReign are few of the YouTubers that influence him. “All India Backchod also does influence me a lot because I love the kind of relationship they share with their audience. I mean, you know ‘tum bakhchodiyan karo. HUM TUMHARE SATH HAIN!’ kind of thing.”

Moving on to the real motive behind the interview – Advice for new YouTubers. What is a DO and what is a DON’T?

“If you are doing it for the money, let me tell you right now, its not going to happen! Just do what makes you smile, laugh or basically, emotional! Make things while being true to yourself and trust me, people will like that more than you TRYING to be someone else.”

Coming towards the end of the interview, we decided to ask a few light-hearted questions. YouTuber crushes? “RGV love, Bhaervi, DiviSaysWhat, and Eveline Berry.”, he said.

Favourite TV show? “Community for life. Cool, Cool, Cool!”

Well, who doesn’t love it? ‘Pop, Pop!’ Right?

And finally, what has been the most exciting thing to happen to him since he became a YouTuber?

Getting recognised in Connaught Place! And some colleges I went to for photography. I cannot believe they called themselves my FANS! I mean, I wish you told that to the Rohan back in school and being Regular Rohan. OMG! He wouldn’t have believed this. I cannot still.????? he finished.

Well, you might not believe it yet Rohan, but we certainly do. We think you have evolved into a very mature human being and you’re certainly destined for greater good. We might just go on and say – You’ve figured it out.

– Aditya Ajay

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