Time-off Please!

We love nature but how often do we take out time from our busy schedules to admire nature? Rarely. Well, I was one of them. Especially if you live in a metropolitan city, you don’t have any privilege to even see the sky in tall concrete jungle. And I never bothered.

But my junior college was near Marine Drive, Mumbai and like typical teenager I enjoyed going there with my friends, eat chanachat and have fun. I did not care about the sea, the sky it was all-just overrated poetry for me. Everything was so simple around, parents paid for everything with no interference, no boundaries, no deadlines, no issues, everything’s fine!

Ironically now when I go back home for the vacation, where my old friends have become so busy in their own life, dealing with their maturity problems and so on, I cannot complain anymore, no one could be blamed. Hence, I started solo tripping to places. Go to cafes alone, shopping alone, hanging out at Marine Drive. . .with the sea and the sky and oh my God! It’s so colourful! The sunset, horizon, so pleasing and the sound of the waves, sheer music to my ears, a perfect picture.

I sat there for hours, watching the beautiful glow, how the sun went off and city lights went on. Awestruck!

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

??????????????????????? Rabindranath TagoreStray Birds

Four years have passed since that experience and I am entering age of maturity.

It is hectic, busy building a career, dealing with own petty issues and I know there’s lot more to come but when I return back from college, sunset welcomes me from my window.

Take time off from technology; socialize with nature, like solitary and chat with yourself.

Don’t save nature admiring activities for holidays, you will just end up clicking pictures because you have never seen it before. Do it often, to meditate, it reboots you. After all new problems come up everyday.

And next time if your friend plans for a movie, take her/him to watch sky instead.

– Pinanki Shah