Not Just An Ordinary Diwali

Since from childhood, I was obsessed with this festival, the temptation of lights, the huge show of crackers, the aroma of sweets fantasise me a lots. And then the get together of families and all my friends. This day seems so perfect to me. Until the Diwali I celebrated, which changed the meaning of perfection to me. But, that was perfect. Wasn¸«¤??t that ? What else anyone can wish for? But it wasn¸«¤??t that perfect. It was not that, which give you happiness to the extreme level. It wasn¸«¤??t what we crave for. Some years ago, few days before Diwali, I went for shopping and the rush was at its top, then I saw a boy approximately 10 years old standing outside the sweet shop, counting all the coins he had. After all his financial analysis, he came inside, his expression told that he was not satisfied with the amount but still he came there, and to the worst the shopkeeper throws him out. This hurts me. This really hurts me. The honest eyes which faces the embarrassment hurts me. I went near him and handed some sweets. It was just a small thing still the happiness I saw in his eyes was beyond every limit. What I felt after that is impossible to describe, but seeing him happy satisfied me. This incident doesn¸«¤??t signify anything else, but just one simple thought that by making anyone happy, you will eventually find the real meaning of happiness. So this Diwali let¸«¤??s do it for others! Let¸«¤??s make them happy, Let¸«¤??s find our happiness. Let¸«¤??s redefine our meaning of perfection. ¸«¤?? Snehal Sinha Guest Writer