Why No Shave November

With the dawn breaking over Halloween hangover, the barber shops witness a mad rush. People eagerly waiting to get their last shave of month the “NoShaveNovember” as they call it. Being in college makes us (even females) feel the urge to participate in ‘No Shave November’ as it has become a fad attracting teens. Apart from the fancy term used by many for grooming experiments, it has a deeper reason behind it, not known to all. There are plenty of my guy friends who follow the trend of ‘ No Shave November’ but are unaware of the cause behind it. I have spent endless time and energy in enlightening them and I realized that it’s not just them, but many others who need to be taught what they are aiming at before skipping out their razors, shaving creams and other grooming products during November. As there more to it than just a heard of sheeps trying to be sheeps!

With the name it’s quite understandable what it means, you won’t be shaving. When the movement started it was more of a masculine movement and then eventually the females started participating for the cause as well by giving up shaving/waxing their body hair (mostly legs and armpits). Now let me draw what the website of No Shave November quotes, “The goal of No Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free”. With the money men and women usually spend on shaving and grooming, participants are encouraged to instead donate those funds to research organizations and groups that educate others about cancer prevention, saving lives, and aiding those fighting the battle.

The simple reason behind this event is not some adventurous experimenting of your hair, but is for the cause of cancer. We all know, cancer is a fatal disease, not all have the resources and money for the treatment of it. Some people simply die because they don’t have oncologists (one who specializes in treating cancer patients) in their nearby hospitals. Yet there are not one but millions of households that cannot afford the treatment. Many are destined to live in poverty forever almost. Google is flooded with all such reports that establish the fact cancer makes you poor. There is a constant battle of the need of treatments and medicines for the patients, so instead of just trying this cool trend in November, try to donate the money you would spend on grooming yourselves in this month. That is the very essence of “NoShaveNovember” its not just a fad, not just a blind trend, its a movement to raise funds for cancer treatement.


You can  signup with the website of No Shave November to make donations and do some charity of out of your busy lives. This is an initiative by Facebook , also to grow awareness about this issue you can put this up on your Facebook walls and tag your friends whom you think should do it.

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